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At MMRealtor, we represent owners and tenants of all sizes across all industries. Our goal is to achieve your objectives more easily.


MMRealtor's full suite of integrated real estate services is tailored to deliver quantifiable value to clients ranging from investors, owners, and developers to tenants across a range of industries. Our multidisciplinary team has a demonstrated track record of uncovering promising opportunities. Similarly, we are devising creative solutions to even the most complex commercial real estate challenges. We do this by staying on top of emerging market and business trends. The team is leveraging insights gained from decades of hands-on experience, and tapping into a vast network of high-level contacts.

Tenant Representation

Finding the ideal office or retail location is a multifaceted endeavor. Determining whether or not the space you currently occupy is serving your near- or long-term needs requires big-picture thinking as well as a granular analysis of details. At MMRealtor, we strive to understand your business and financial goals so we can narrow the field to just those properties. That will position you to the prominent advantage for achieving your objectives effortlessly. Armed with decades of experience and knowledge of the most current market trends, we negotiate to arrive at lease agreements that serve you today and tomorrow.


Below $2M.
Beyond Belief



100+ years of service


Sales and rental
transactions annually

Landlord Representation

We negotiate lease terms that maximize asset value while promoting tenant retention.

01.        Property and competitive market analysis

02.        Property positioning / repositioning

03.        Renovation consultation

04.       Tenant recommendations

05.       Targeted digital marketing


Dollars per year in sales
& rental transactions

Leading the Way Since 1911

With more than 100 years of service,MMRealtor is guided by the most experienced, knowledgeable and connected leadership in the industry.

We are passionate about delivering exceptional client experiences through unmatched reach and outsized influence in the world’s biggest markets.


MMRealtor has offices nationwide to help you find the perfect home.